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From Scalabis to around Europe

My steps in graphic design started long ago as a kid, I already wanted to change the world. I started with every kid's fantasy, cars, cars that would fly, cars that could go everywhere.

But that was just a kid's dream, and yet the discovering of frame-to-frame motion in high school made me up my mind.

After that it was in a small village in the deep Portugal that I started developing the taste for graphic forms, and with my travels to Switzerland, I could assimilate a lot more from different cultures… and get my mind to a great objective in my career, but that’s another story.

And why you may ask!? Well my nickname since my high school was Poeta (poet) and that identity always followed my will, so I decided to join my real name with my alter ego and so was born.

Why graphic design?

We are using signs has communication exists since the beginning of human era, trough all great civilizations, winch one would use his own, to our days… and who even knows aliens should use it too, it’s the simplest way to communicate, for dumbers or greaters.

So in that way I intend to discover more, about our way of speaking trough images, how do you understand them, and in wich context.

Social skills and competencies

Team spirit, easy integration.

Organizational skills and competencies

Good experience working in various projects, teamwork; Good sense of organization.

Technical skills and competencies

Working with video camera (P-250, P-300, mini-DV & others).

Software skills and competencies

Design software such as Adobe Suite CS5™ (Photoshop™, Illustrator™, Dreamweaver™, InDesign™, Flash™, Acrobat Pro™), Macromedia Freehand™, Corel™ (Draw™, Photo Paint™]; video software (Adobe After Effects™, Liquid Edition™, Final Cut™) and 3D (3D Studio Max™, Maya™, Poser™), as with Microsoft Office™ (Word™, Excel™, PowerPoint™).

Artistic skills and competencies

Design, open minded and creative mind as writing and poetry.

Others skills and competencies

Muay Thai (Thai Box), running, bike, music, cinema, literature in different languages, museums, expositions, and concerts.

When you need to communicate your name, you need people to see it, but above all, you want them to buy what you’re offering or what they are coming to you for it.
I can help you getting what you wish, with the right communication strategy...

Let’s have a coffee then... on me!