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The services I can provide:

I can offer a large range of services related with the Design domain. First trained in Multimedia and Audiovisuals, I also did one complementary in graphic design to get the whole picture of it.

Because design is not only drawing and give some ideas into the box it is also an understanding of what surrounds your problem.

Graphic conception: from editorial to advertising

I can make you a logo that pleases and relates to you, or just a business card, maybe just a small invitation to your friends. But if your looking for something bigger, I can do it too, I can make all your company stationary, redesign your old logo, start a new advertising strategy… or just starting to redesign your website. I can also make you a video, film, edit or just add some effects on it.

A whole lot of things can be done with the newest technologies on the Web

What isn’t connected to design?

When you need to communicate your name, you need people to see it, but above all, you want them to buy what you’re offering or what they are coming to you for it.
I can help you getting what you wish, with the right communication strategy...

Let’s have a coffee then... on me!